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Behnitz, also known as Kolk, is the oldest area of settlement in the historic old town of Spandau. In what is now Behnitz there was a Slav settlement in the 12th century, that was associated with the castle which was later developed into the Citadel. The people living in the settlement had to perform compulsory labour at the castle.

The narrow alleys, historic buildings and half-timbered houses give the Kolk townscape the typical character that transports the visitor back to the Middle Ages. On Hoher Steinweg, part of the old town wall from the 14th century is still preserved.

Parts of an old fortified tower have been discovered on the rear side. The restoration and reconstruction was completed in 1986. The church of St. Marien am Behnitz was consecrated in 1848 and is the second oldest Catholic church in Berlin after St. Hedwig’s Cathedral.

At a glance

Behnitz, 13597 Berlin

Hoher Steinweg 7, 13597 Berlin

Kirche St. Marien
Behnitz 9, 13597 Berlin

Around the corner

St Marien Portal

St. Marienkirche am Behnitz

Church and event venue

Altstadt Spandau (c) PAS

Old town

Historic town centre and shopping paradise

Zitadelle Graben


Landmark of the city and historical event venue