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St. Nicholas has always been the patron saint of seafarers and merchants. In the Middle Ages, Spandau was an important trading centre at the confluence of the Spree and the Havel, so it’s no coincidence that the church in the centre of the old town was dedicated to this saint.

However, the importance of the Nikolaikirche extends far beyond Spandau. It was from here that the Reformation spread to Brandenburg and Berlin. In 1539 the ruler – Elector Joachim II – received communion in the form of bread and wine for the first time and converted to the Protestant faith. In Nazi Germany, St. Nikolai was a centre of the Confessing Church movement, which resisted the regime.

If you want to learn more about the history of the church, we recommend a visit to the Spandovia Sacra parish museum. This is located opposite the church on Reformationsplatz. There are genuine treasures in the archive and the church library.

If you want to take a look out over the neighbouring Havelland, you can go on one of the guided tours of the tower. But watch out, you might not be alone! Every year a pair of kestrels nests there.

At a glance

Reformationsplatz, 13597 Berlin

  • Manifold churchly and spiritual offerings
  • Regular concerts
  • Exhibitions in the museum Spandovia Sacra


Around the corner

Altstadt Spandau (c) PAS

Old town

Historic town centre and shopping paradise

Behnitz Strasse

Behnitz / Kolk

The oldest settlement in Berlin

Zitadelle Graben


Landmark of the city and historical event venue