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Where there was once a Prussian gunpowder factory, you now meet creative minds. Inventors, craftsmen and artists who use the area as a workplace or a depot.

In the 1830s, the royal gunpowder factory was moved from its original site in the Moabit district of Berlin to the banks of the Havel in Spandau. Gunpowder for the Prussian army was produced here until 1919. During the Second World War, the factories on the Havel were also used for making weapons and other military equipment.

After the war, the site was taken over by the German industrial company Mannesmann and later by the Thyssen-Krupp group, which sold it in 2012. With the founding of the Havelwerke, the entire site was extensively renovated and redesigned. Various premises can now be rented on a site of over 12,000 square meters.

Sports are also on offer, with the “Cliffhanger” bouldering hall located in the Havelwerke. The Berlin brewery BRLO also has a production facility on the site.

At a glance

Telegrafenweg 21, 13599 Berlin



Around the corner

Eiswerder Brücke Spandau (c) PAS


Spandau island where the Edgar Wallace films were shot

Zitadelle Graben


Landmark of the city and historical event venue

BMW Kommunikationszentrum

BMW motorcycle plant

Made in Spandau – with factory tours