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The nature conservation station is located at the foot of Hahneberg, and is a central environmental education site. Everyone interested in experiencing nature with all their senses are welcome here. There are many services available:

  • Interactive trails for discovering animal tracks,
  • a barefoot trail,
  • berries to snack on,
  • and even two beehives

Regular events are also held: tours on various topics (insects, birds, animal and plant species, etc.), visits from a shepherd with his sheepdogs, regular gardening, and cultural events such as the ‘Opera in the Sheepfold’.

You can find the current dates in the event calendar (Tip: Search for 'naturschutzstation').

At a glance

Heerstraße 549, 13593 Berlin

More information: www.naturschutzstation-hahneberg.de and current dates in the event calendar

Around the corner

Hahneberg Kaserne

Fort Hahneberg

Once a fortress, today a haven for bats

Hahneberg Weg


Highest vantage point and nature reserve