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Alternative practitioner Brigitte Karbe, who realised her dream in 2012 by opening her own cooking school for Western and Ayurvedic cooking with an adjacent natural garden, is the face behind – or rather, in – the organic cooking school Bio-Kochschule Kladow. She teaches how to use freshly harvested, (wild) herbs from one’s garden to create delicious meals. They have a healing effect on body, mind, and soul. But Brigitte Karbe is not just an award-winning culinary artist and nutrition expert.


  • Imparts her knowledge in individual consultations, courses, and events,
  • offers training and education on specific nutrition topics like basic Ayurvedic cooking and wild herb education for caretakers,
  • introduces participants to holistic food science,
  • presents healing effects and provides training on the preparation of seasonings, (wild) herbs, grains, and vegetables,
  • introduces holistic, select drink preparation using natural flavourings in flowers, leaves, and roots, and
  • holds wild herb tours and garden tours with subsequent cooking class, including with herbal instructor Sybille Bach.

The training and courses in the Bio-Kochschule range from basic Ayurvedic cooking, Indian and Asian cooking, and tea seminars to cooking with lavender and rose. You can also book an individual cooking or training appointment where you can work with Brigitte Karbe on developing a personal diet programme.

You can find the current dates in the event calendar (Tip: Search for 'kochschule').

At a glance

Imchenallee 21d, 14089 Berlin

More information and current dates: www.bio-kochschulekarbe.de and in the event calendar

Around the corner

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Edible Garden Kladow

for lovers of natural gardens and wild herb kitchen

Neukladow aussen

Gutspark Neukladow

park with café and glorious view over the Havel

Fraenkel Tor

Landhausgarten Dr. Max Fraenkel

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