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Even without official business to take care of, a walk around the town hall of Spandau is always worthwhile. The imposing building with its 80-metre tower is one of Spandau’s most famous landmarks. Originally there was a lift to take you up to the lantern, but all that’s left today is the dilapidated cab. However, there are guided tours of the tower several times a year – albeit on foot.

The entirely brick-built building was completed in 1913 – seven years before Spandau was incorporated into Berlin. When laying the foundation stone, councillor Emil Müller emphasised Spandau’s independence as a city: “May the Kaiser’s grace protect us from Greater Berlin and administrative union”.

When you enter the building, the first thing that catches your eye is the marble portal. Different exhibitions are held on the first floor.

Directly behind the town hall (between the parking garage and Stabholzgarten) is the Batardeau, a part of the Spandau fortifications which is well worth a short detour for its view of the Havel.

At a glance

Carl-Schurz-Straße 2, 13597 Berlin

  • Location for the famous Spandauer Christmas market
  • Weekly markets

Around the corner

Lindenufer Spandau


Promenade by the Havel with passenger ship landing stage

Altstadt Spandau (c) PAS

Old town

Historic town centre and shopping paradise

Behnitz Strasse

Behnitz / Kolk

The oldest settlement in Berlin