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Herbal instructor out of passion – that’s Sybille Bach. She has made it her goal to raise awareness of native wild herbs and present their many possible uses to a broader audience. She knows which wild herbs are suitable for which purpose, and:

  • invites you to partake in wild herb tours at various locations in Spandau,
  • offers workshops on making natural cosmetics,
  • shows you how to print with plant dye,
  • makes beeswax cloths,
  • shows how wild herbs and wild fruits that have been collected can be turned into something delicious in workshops,
  • prepares wild herb specials at the Organic Cooking School Kladow with Brigitte Karbe.

Nature is never boring with her!

Sybille Bach also organises a regional herb tour with her daughter, a relaxation coach, once per year. This is the ideal combination of relaxation and tasty dishes with wild herbs.

You can find the current dates for tours and workshops in the event calendar (Tip: Search for 'wildkraeutersprache').

At a glance

more information: www.wildkraeutersprache.de and current dates in the event calendar