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A must for disco freaks, rock nostalgics and groovers: the Ballhaus Spandau is a living legend of pop-cultural liberation for the youth of Spandau and Berlin – as well as the young at heart.

If you really want to get down and dance, Tiefwerder’s still the place to go, and the Ballhaus Spandau has been a dance venue since the late 19th century. These days, most places call themselves clubs, but the Ballhaus still proudly refers to itself as “Europe’s oldest rock disco”. Even air guitarists and headbangers over the age of 40 are welcome on the dancefloor at the Ballhaus Spandau.

Since 1971, they’ve not only been playing rock, but swinging their hips and twerking to everything from hip hop and electro to reggae and disco.

Rumour has it that Bela B and Farin Urlaub founded the punk combo “Die Ärzte” when they were dancing here in the 80s. And the Ballhaus even enjoyed a reputation as a legendary rock temple beyond the Berlin Wall: the East German band “City” also performed here.

At a glance

Dorfstraße 5, 13597 Berlin

  • Europe's oldest rock disco (since 1971) - still at the same place


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