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One of Berlin’s largest wooded areas lies in the north of Spandau. Spandauer Forst extends over 1,347 hectares and contains two nature reserves, the bogs known as Teufelsbruch and Großer and Kleiner Rohrpfuhl.

The forest is known for its diverse flora and fauna and is a mixed forest criss-crossed by numerous paths. In between there are clearings and meadows where you can occasionally spot a hiker taking a nap, especially when the weather’s hot.

The forest is also a treat for birdwatchers as a designated EU bird reserve. Close to the forest warden’s station is an enclosure where you can watch wild boars, fallow deer, roe deer, red deer and mouflon sheep from the viewing tower. Kuhlakenteich is a pond where there are wooden benches for you to rest and enjoy the silence and nature.

The Berlin Wall Trail runs through the forest on its northern border with Brandenburg. The former West Berlin exclave of Eiskeller is in the northern part of Spandauer Forst. Further south, the brick houses of the Evangelischer Johannisstift look like a small town in the forest.

If you want to cool down in the summer after a bicycle tour or a hike through the forest, you can take a dip in the Havel at the Bürgerablage bathing area, or treat yourself to a beer at the Jagdhaus Spandau.

At a glance

Niederneuendorfer Allee, 13587 Berlin

  • adjoining Havel Cycle Trail and the long-distance cycle route Berlin-Copenhagen
  • situated at Berlin Wall Trail

Around the corner

Eiskeller Radweg


West Berlin exclave, today a perfect place for a break

Evangelisches Johannesstift Park

Evangelisches Johannesstift

Church institution idyllically located in the forest

Eiskeller Garten


Former exclaves of Fichtewiese, Erlengrund and Eiskeller