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Between Pichelssee and Stößensee lies the island of Pichelswerder and a little to the north is the Tiefwerder Wiesen protected landscape area.

From Heerstraße you can look out over Pichelsee bay and its numerous marinas. There’s water as far as the eye can see, and all the sailing boats and water sports enthusiasts give Pichelswerder the maritime feel of a fishing village. A path runs all the way around the island, past bathing spots, restaurants and boat moorings.

Not far from Pichelswerder is a former floodplain called the Tiefwerder Wiesen. If you turn off the busy Heerstraße and follow Brandensteinweg, you’ll soon find peace and quiet. Many small paths wind their way through a wood, ending at a large clearing with a view of an extensive floodplain landscape. The protected landscape area is criss-crossed by ancient arms of the Havel river and provides a habitat for rare species of flora and fauna. A wooden footbridge leads across the wetlands.

Since 2011 there have also been water buffaloes swimming and grazing in the Tiefwerder Wiesen. Incidentally, the best way to explore the area is by canoe. It’s not for nothing that the allotment gardens here are also known as “Little Venice”.

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