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The RIVER route is 22.7 kilometres long. On this route you not only pass through the leafy Spandauer Forst and the waterside paths of Jungfernheide, but also through the lively centre of Spandau and the diverse areas of Gartenfelde and Hakenfelde.

As you pass areas with modern apartment blocks and rows of old buildings, there is also plenty of nature to see. This route takes in the Protestant church at the Waldkrankenhaus, the Johannesstift collegiate church, Wichernkirche, Christopheruskirche in Siemensstadt, Weihnachtskirche and Lutherkirche. Between Johannesstift and Wichernkirche, the route is accessible for people with a disability.

Along the way there are several sections which although they are accessible, may require help as there are some steep slopes to manage.

At a glance

The RIVER route with signposts

  • good starting point:
    Lindenufer, 13597 Berlin
  • Length: 22,7 km

Pilgrims Pass & Guide

  • A pilgrim’s pass, guide and route map cost 10 euros
  • available at Kirchenkreisbüro, Jüdenstr. 37 and at the so called Büchertisch in St. Nikolai
  • more info: https://spandau-evangelisch.de/pilgern

Protestant Stiftskirche im Johannesstift


Schönwalder Allee 26, 13587 Berlin

Protestant church Wichernkirche


Wichernstraße 14-21, 13587 Berlin

Protestant church Dreieinigkeitskirche

Protestant parish of Siemensstadt

An der Mäckeritzbrücke 4, 13629 Berlin

Protestant church Christophoruskirche

Protestant parish of Siemensstadt

Schuckertdamm 341-335, 13629 Berlin

Protestant christmas church


Haselhorster Damm 54, 13599 Berlin

Protestant church of Luther


Lutherplatz, 13585 Berlin

Protestant church at Waldkrankenhaus

Stadtrandstraße 555, 13589 Berlin