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On the Berlin Wall Trail, which marks the western border of the Spandau districts of Hakenfelde, Falkenhagener Feld, Staaken, Gatow and Kladow, pedestrians and cyclists can find reminders of Germany’s divided history.

At several memorial sites, markers provide information about the historical background and commemorate people who were killed trying to escape to the West.

Memorial to Dieter Wohlfahrt (1941–1961)

Haupstraße/Bergstraße, 13591 Berlin

  • Escape helper and first victim of the Berlin Wall

Memorial to Willi Block (1943–1966)

Finkenkruger Weg 118, 13591 Berlin

  • Shot dead by GDR border guards during his third escape attempt

Memorial stone to German partition

Falkenseer Chaussee, 14612 Falkensee

Memorial to those who climbed the Wall

Zwinglistraße 3-11, 14612 Falkensee

Memorial to Klaus Schulze (1952–1972)

  • Klaus Schulze attempted to escape to the West with his friend Dieter Krause
  • He was shot by GDR border guards while climbing over the wall

Memorial to Helmut Kliem (1939–1970)

  • Helmut Kliem unwittingly rode his motorcycle into the border zone and was shot by soldiers

Memorial to Adolf Philipp (1943–1964)

  • Adolf Philipp was found in a ground bunker with a gas pistol and shot dead

Memorial to Ulrich Steinhauer (1956–1980)

  • GDR border guard who was shot by an escaping comrade

Memorial to Dietmar Schwietzer (1958–1977)

Berliner Allee, 14621 Schönwalde-Glien

  • Dietmar Schwietzer was shot dead trying to escape over the Wall after his trade school graduation ceremony

Memorial to victims of the border in Schönwalde

Berliner Allee 107B, 14621 Schönwalde-Glien