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If you long for a trip back to childhood, we recommend a visit to the friends of the Anchor Stones in Spandau.

Since 1880, the building bricks invented by Otto and Gustav Lilienthal have always been more than just a toy for German children. These miniature bricks made of sand, mud and linseed oil are used to make replica buildings from St. Petersburg to New York. The basic kits sold by the Richter company were affordable even for poorer families and could be expanded at will. Over 1,200 different types of brick were produced over the years.

The biggest collection of Anchor Stones can be found in Spandau. In addition to an exhibition on the history and future of the bricks, there are also replica buildings to admire. If you want to try out the building blocks for yourself, you’re welcome to have a go – whatever age you are.

At a glance

Pichelsdorfer Str. 86, 13595 Berlin

  • Every tuesday from 9 am to 4 pm and on appointment
  • Free entry


Around the corner


Pichelswerder & Tiefwerder meadows

Floodplain and water buffalo pasture

Ballhaus Spandau

Ballhaus Spandau

Europe’s oldest rock disco, yeah!