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Once part of the Ice Age meltwater channels of the Warsaw-Berlin Urstromtal, the stream known as the Spekte had a landscaped green strip created along it from 1974 onwards.

Because the geological conditions of the area meant that only the outer areas could be built on, the strip now stretches from the western edge of the Falkenhagener Feld district to Spandau town hall. As a result, the Brandenburg town of Falkensee is almost directly connected to the centre of Spandau via the green corridor.

The revegetation measures were not limited to creating a recreation area for local residents, but also included the planning of biotopes, where today, nature can freely take its course. On some days you might also come across the water buffaloes that are used as sustainable natural lawnmowers for the green corridor.

The Spektegrünzug has two larger bodies of water. The Großer Spektesee is a lake with a sunbathing lawn that opened in spring 2018. If you want something more physically exerting, there are beach volleyball courts, climbing rocks and an outdoor gym. For cyclists, the green corridor is the ideal connecting route from east to west.

At a glance

Spektepark, 13583 Berlin

  • extends itself from Falkensee to Spandau town hall
  • local recreation area

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