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This district of Spandau is characterised by industrial culture and is closely linked to the history of one of German’s biggest companies: Siemens.

The history of the district began in 1897 when Siemens & Halske acquired a barely developed area between Charlottenburg and Spandau. In just under two decades, residential areas and social institutions were created for workers in addition to numerous industrial and factory buildings.

The large Siemensstadt housing estate also known as the Ringsiedlung was built in the New Objectivity style and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008. For the commuting workers, a separate S-Bahn line led from Jungfernheide station to the works site. The tracks and stations of the Siemens railway were closed in the 1980s, but you can explore these deserted places on a walk along the line from Gartenfeld island to Siemens headquarters.

Today, Siemens no longer solely dominates the district,and many other companies have settled here. If you want to take a look at industrial culture as well as Spandau’s Wild West, you’ve come to the right place. Old Texas Town is located right behind Siemens headquarters.

At a glance

Siemensstadt, 13629 Berlin

  • Metro station (U-Bahn) Rohrdamm/ Siemensdamm (U7)

Guided Tours tour through the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Spandau-Siemensstadt:

  • Group tours and individual tours
  • Suitable for international guests
  • Duration about 2,5 hours
  • Tour topics: World Heritage Site, Industrial culture, Elektropolis

Info and reservation via www.mannmithuttouren.de

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Old Texas Town

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