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Spandau lock is located between the old town and the Citadel. When boats change here between the upper and lower Havel, it’s an interesting spectacle for all the family.

It’s busiest in summer, when every day about 170 boats – including motorboats, barges and tour boats – pass the lock, which is over twelve metres wide and 150 metres long, to overcome the two-metre rise.

It takes just under 30 minutes to pass through the lock. If you have some time to spare, you can position yourself with an ice cream on the Juliusturmbrücke and watch one of the 30 big barges that enter and leave the lock each day. No other lock in Berlin is used by so many cargo boats. This is because Spandau lock is located on the main waterway between the centre of Berlin and Szczecin.

Not only heavily loaded barges and motor vessels pass through Spandau lock. Small sailing and rowing boats can use a boat tow to overcome the lift on rails alongside the lock chamber.

Leisure boats sometimes have to wait a few hours before being allowed to enter the lock – commercial shipping takes priority. The waiting time is an opportunity to visit the Citadel and the old town of Spandau.

At a glance

Schleuse Spandau, 13599 Berlin

  • Lenghts: 115 m, width: 12.5 m
  • Head: approx. 1.8 m to 2.4 m

Link: Spandau lock

Around the corner

Altstadt Spandau (c) PAS

Old town

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Behnitz Strasse

Behnitz / Kolk

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Lindenufer Spandau


Promenade by the Havel with passenger ship landing stage