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The Remise Galtow is part of the Gatow Estate, and is also its oldest building, with an extensive history. It was carefully renovated in 2009 and given monument status. The estate is a popular event venue, where cultural events, exhibits, and concerts are held.

The Botanicum is a very special area where the four global religions are depicted with various plant types. The central plant uniting them all is the rose. Each religion is given its own special rose, and the centrepiece of the garden is the Rose Pavilion.

  • The roof is deliberately open at the top so that the path upward can be kept open
  • It contains various healing stones that are important to the different religions
  • Anything said here gains a special significance sub rosa dictum – “spoken under the rose”.

You can find the current dates in the event calendar (Tip: Search for 'Remise').

At a glance

Buchwaldzeile 45, 14089 Berlin

More information: www.remise-gatow.de and current dates in the event calendar

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