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The Historischer Keller is a very special treasure: it was part of a patrician house dating from 1464, where a series of very wealthy families of the town of Spandau lived – including some of its mayors. In the 18th century, it was converted into a palace for the royal regimental commanders and was associated above all with Prince Heinrich of Prussia. Afterwards the building served as an inn and a court until it was destroyed by a bomb in 1944.

In the 1950s the remains were removed and the cellar was filled in. Not until the new building, which housed a cinema and a supermarket, was demolished in 1987 was the cellar rediscovered. It was archaeologically surveyed, and preserved when the new residential building was constructed.

Today the Historischer Keller offers a unique space for art exhibitions and events.

At a glance

Carl-Schurz-Str. 49/51, 13597 Berlin

  • opening hours:
    The Historischer Keller is only open when art exhibitions are being held.

    Wed – Sun 12 – 6 pm

  • free entry


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