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The TOWN route is 21.7 kilometres long and takes you from the heart of Spandau to the western outskirts of the city.

It shows the many facets of the borough: the mediaeval town centre, large modern housing estates, and plenty of greenery in the parks, allotment gardens and protected landscape areas.

The churches along the way are St. Nikolai, Klosterfelde, Zuflucht and Jeremiah, Paul-Gerhardt, Staaken-Gartenstadt and Heerstraße Nord, Nathan-Söderblom and the two Catholic churches St. Markus and St. Marien am Behnitz.

At a glance

The TOWN route with signposts

  • good starting point:
    Tourist information office at Gotisches Haus, Breite Str. 32, 13597 Berlin
  • Length: 21,7 km

Pilgrims Pass & Guide

  • A pilgrim’s pass, guide and route map cost 10 euros
  • available at Kirchenkreisbüro, Jüdenstr. 37 and at the so called Büchertisch in St. Nikolai
  • more info: https://spandau-evangelisch.de/pilgern

Protestant church St. Nikolai-Kirche Spandau


Reformationsplatz 1, 13597 Berlin

Catholic chruch St. Marien am Behnitz


Behnitz 9, 13597 Berlin

Protestant church Klosterfelde


Seegefelder Str. 116, 13583 Berlin

Protestant church Ev. Zuflucht- und Jeremia-Kirchengemeinde

Ev. Zuflucht- und Jeremia-Kirchengemeinde


Westerwaldstraße 16, 13589 Berlin

Catholic church St. Markus


Am Kiesteich 50, 13589 Berlin

Protestant church Paul Gerhardt


Im Spektefeld 26, 13589 Berlin

Protestant church Staaken-Gartenstadt


Am Heideberg 12, 13591 Berlin

Protestant village church Alt-Staaken


Hauptstraße 12, 13591 Berlin

Protestant church Zuversichtskirche

Protestant parish of Staaken


Brunsbütteler Damm 312, 13591 Berlin

Protestant church Heerstraße Nord

Protestant parish of Staaken


Obstallee 22e, 13593 Berlin

Protestand church Nathan Söderblom


Ulrikenstraße 7, 13581 Berlin

Protestant church Melanchthon


Melanchthonplatz, 13595 Berlin

Protestant church Petrus-Kirche Spandau

Protestant parish of St. Nikolai


Grunewaldstraße 7, 13597 Berlin

Protestand church Jeremia

Ev. Zuflucht- und Jeremia-Kirchengemeinde


Burbacher Weg 2, 13583 Berlin