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For 28 years it divided the city into east and west and ran for more than 160 kilometres. Today only a few remnants of the Berlin Wall are left.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, dismantling of the border fortifications began. By 1992, almost every piece of the Wall had disappeared from the city and the surrounding area.

Probably the best-known remaining section of the Wall is the 1.3 kilometre-long East Side Gallery in Friedrichshain. But there are also three remnants on Spandau’s border to Brandenburg.


Am Park 14B, 14476 Potsdam

  • A small fragment of the GDR border complex can still be seen on the northern bank of the formerly divided Groß Glienicker See.


Martin-Luther-Straße 22, 14612 Falkensee

  • Fragments of the hinterland wall can be found on the border between the Brandenburg town of Falkensee and the Spandau district of Falkenhagener Feld.

Schönwalder Allee

Berliner Allee/Schönwalder Allee, 14621 Schönwalde

  • A piece of the old wall is still in place on the corner of Schönwalder Allee and Berliner Allee in Spandauer Forst on the border to the municipality of Schönwalde.