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The Vierfelderhof is a genuine farm, boasting 90 hectares idyllically situated in the countryside outside Gatow amongst broad fields and meadows.

Since 2009 the farm has been practising four-field crop rotation, a method that goes back to the ancient Romans. The fields are cultivated with different plants in a four-year cycle to maintain the quality of the soil.

Joining in and getting your hands dirty are explicitly encouraged at the Vierfelderhof, where you can find out first-hand about traditional agriculture. Special events such as cheesemaking and potato planting are particularly interesting for children and families. Everyone is also welcome to help feed and look after the two-legged and four-legged inhabitants of the farm, where sheep, goats, poultry and rabbits are humanely raised. The pink-and-black-patched Angeln Saddleback pigs can wallow in the dirt to their hearts’ content.

Fruit, vegetables and meat produced on the farm end up in pots and bowls in the café. Fresh bread is baked every Saturday and sold in the farm shop along with jam, poultry, eggs, bacon and sausages. Everything’s organic, of course.

Please note that the café and farm shop are currently closed.

At a glance

Groß-Glienicker-Weg 30, 14089 Berlin

  • 10 minutes walk to windmill
  • 10 minutes walk to 'Kleine Badewiese' (bathing spot)

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