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The 143 km long Havelland Cycle Trail starts at Spandau railway station and ends in the Hanseatic city of Havelberg in Saxony-Anhalt. The first part of the first stage takes you to the border with Brandenburg in northern Spandau.

Starting at the station, continue west along the Spektegrünzug until you get to Falkenseer Chaussee, where the Havelland Cycle Trail meets the Berlin Wall Trail. The route then goes through Spandauer Forst, past Eiskeller to Schönwalde in Brandenburg.

The Spandau stage of the route rarely crosses busy roads and is characterised by meadows, lakes and woods. Information panels along the Wall Trail also provide interesting background information on Spandau’s divided history.

Here are a selection of places along the route in Spandau.

At a glance


  • red eagle on a bike



  • Recreation area with many leisure and relaxation opportunities
  • More information: Spektegrünzug

City boundary at Falkensee

  • Information boards on the divided past
  • Memorial stone to German partition

Former exclave of Eiskeller

  • Not just the coldest place in Berlin, but also perfect for a refreshment break
  • More information: Eiskeller

Spandauer Forst

Niederneuendorfer Allee , 13587 Berlin

  • One of the largest wooded areas in Berlin
  • More information: Spandauer Forst