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Roach, perch, zander and eel – the origins of fishing on the rivers Havel and Spree go back to Mesolithic times. Over 500 years ago, Elector Joachim I awarded fishing rights to the people of Spandau.

The Tiefenwerder-Pichelsdorf fishing society, which organises fishing licences on the Spree and Unterhavel, still invokes this right today. Its fishing grounds extend from Spandau far into Berlin.

There are eight professional fishermen still active on the Havel, two of whose families have been making a living from it for several generations. The main catch is eel. Fish stocks in the Havel and Spree have been in considerable decline and the reason, ironically enough, is the water quality. The water is much too clear, especially for the Havel zander. The popular edible fish with spiny dorsal fins prefers to spawn in murky water.

If you want to try some fish from Spandau go to Fisch Frank in the old town, where eel from the Havel is served. Another item on the menu at present is Louisiana crayfish, an invasive species whose numbers a fisherman from Tiefenwerder is helping take care of.


Roloff´s Angelbedarf, Groenerstraße 17, 13585 Berlin-Spandau

Freshly caught fish from the Havel:

  • Fisch Frank, Spandau Old Town
  • Fischer Hidde: stand with fish specialities at concerts at the Spandau Citadel

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Information & fishing permits

Tiefenwerder-Pichelsdorf fishing society
Weißenburgerstraße 43, 13595 Berlin
030 300 69 90

Fischereiamt Berlin
Havelchaussee 149/151, 14055 Berlin
Phone: 030 336 32 31