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The edible garden is located in idyllic Kladow, directly on the Havel. Gardener Katja Gurkasch has deep roots in the garden, as her family has owned it for more than 100 years. The holistic health and nutrition consultant:

  • is an absolute expert in edible plants,
  • takes you on a journey of discovery and flavour through her garden, and
  • makes products with vital, aromatic wild herbs and plants

convinced her fellow contestants of her cooking skills on German TV programme “Das perfekte Dinner”, and won the show in 2006.

Tours and workshops are regularly held during the gardening season. You can find the current dates in the event calendar (Tip: Search for 'Essbarer Garten').

At a glance

Imchenallee 66, 14089 Berlin

More information: www.essbarer-garten-kladow.de and current dates in the event calendar

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