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Feeling like a quick bike tour? The signposted bike route, about 20 km in length, leads once around the Tegeler See – up close to nature and the water. Outstanding views invite you to take a break, and you don’t even have to take any food with you due to the many culinary establishments along the route. If you have a little more time, take advantage of the cultural and leisure activities along the way, or end your tour with a boat ride on the Tegeler See.

At a glance


  • Promenade with a nice view upon the lake Tegeler See

Recration parc Tegel

  • various playgroungs

Bathing spot Reiherwerder

Wildlife enclosure

  • Entrance free of charge

Bathing spot Scharfenberg

Ferry Hakenfelde - Tegelort

  • Daily connection every 10 minutes
  • In summer until 8.00 pm
  • In winter until 7.00 pm

Bathing spot Saatwinkel

Bathing spot Reiswerder

Dicke Marie

  • Oldest tree in Berlin from the year 1192
  • 26 m high

Village church Alt-Tegel

  • Evangelical church
  • Neo-Romantic church from 1911/1912, fourth church constructed in this part of Alt-Tegel with historical findings dating to the Middle Ages
  • Always open Sunday afternoon and for services


  • Pedestrian bridge constructed in early 20th century
  • Connects Greenwichpromenade with Tegeler Forst
  • Crossing cost a “Sechser” (five Pfennig piece)

IBA buildings at Tegeler Hafen

  • Postmodern residence based on drafts from the IBA exhibit 1984-1987

Humboldt Library

  • Constructed for the IBA 1984-1987
  • Fascinating combination of industrial, sacral, and representational architecture

Palace and Palace Park Tegel

  • Brothers Alexander and Wilhelm von Humboldt grew up here
  • Humboldt descendants continue to live here
  • The park contains the Humboldt family plot

Borsig-Villa Reiherwerder

  • Former estate of the local Borsig business family
  • Now part of the Akademie Auswärtiger Dienst of the Federal Foreign Office and not publicly accessible


  • Two cast-iron cannons from the 18th century
  • Gifts from the partner city Greenwich